Adele and SURPRISE!!

Caught Adele at the Excel last night. Man can that girl sing! When you can make the Excel sound good, you must be do’in somethin’ right. Don’t get my wrong, I would’ve much rather caught her show at First Ave. where I was originally supposed to, but she killed it and made the space work for what she does.

Now for the surprise: More than half way through the show, Adele proceeds to talk in her delightfully Northern English accent about how the tune she’s about to sing makes her, laugh, cry, smile, and is just downright beautiful. What does she break into? “I Can’t Make You Love Me!” For those of you who don’t know, we just released our version of this Bonnie Raitt classic on our newest album, “Fever!” Impeccable timing? Kindred spirits? Who knows, but Adele and I both agree it’s time to bring this painfully gorgeous song back. Adele presented a very classic, soul-filled rendition. Our version has a new spin on it, and radio stations have been spinning it quite often! I know you’ll dig what Jake Nyberg came up with on drums (my bro =) which gives it a feel uniquely our own- a drum and bass drum track kind of thing. See what you think- pick up the new album via itunes, CD Baby, or any number of your other favorite music purchasing vehicles! Then, get at me. Feedback, people! To conclude, do catch Adele in concert, she is accessible and downright amazing. Oh, and Bonnie Raitt, she’s not too shabby live either 😉

That is all, my friends. Love, Jana Banana

P.S. Composing today- look for new music soon! Which will be newer than the newest stuff, which will then not be…the newest…since…there’s…newer newer music. …Yeah.

Adele at Excel

One response to “Adele and SURPRISE!!

  1. Looking forward to more original stuff. Your own stuff is even MORE amazing and accessible than your killer arrangements of covers. Future’s so bright…

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