It’s That Time of Year

My students are going bonkers, and the teachers are too. Birds are chirping, everything is green again, and the smell of fresh cut lawn dances on the air. This is the time of year when I feel ready for a change of pace, aka A JNG TOUR!

We are so excited to be hitting the road soon, and we will  have our new album in hand! Do not be deterred by the title, “Winter Song,” as half of the album presents year-round-friendly tunes, including the highly requested original, “First Sip.” While on tour last summer, we promised you a recording of this tune, and we followed through. When you live in the midwest, winter songs are completely necessary for half of the year, but so are songs of hope, like “Aguas de Marco,” meaning “Waters of March”- suggesting a THAW. Yes. I am ready to schluff around gear for many gigs in a row to bring you this music.









The tour schedule is jam-packed with our favorite venues, and even a double-header! But don’t worry, we booked a day off to see our favorite DoCo people and  beaches. The band always squeezes in an annual visit to the drive-in movie theater as well, or as the locals affectionately refer to it, “the outdoor.” Oh, and of course we will pay a visit to our favorite mini-golf man, Bob at the Red Putter. Bob always sports rosy cheeks and a smile. One of the most pleasant fellas I’ve ever met.







Yes, it’s safe to say that summer is near, and the weather finally suggests so too. My dear Aunt Vickie will kindly be putting up this quintet of mostly boys (pray for her…and me)  for the duration of our tour. We are forever indebted, and will once again offer our house-painting and lawn care services to earn our keep. We can’t wait to see you soon in the warm summer breezes accompanied by the splashing soundtrack of Lake Michigan. Until then!



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