Shortest Post Ever

For an entire week and counting, I have been able to attend live music every night, whether I am performing, or a member of the audience. It’s so much easier to be a teacher and a musician when school’s out 😉 I could get used to this! The Twin Cities have such a rich tapestry of music happening, you can never exhaust the scene. My advice to you: branch out of your comfort zone and go hear someone you haven’t yet. You will always find something you like about the performance if you keep an open mind and let the art speak for itself. This past week I have attended everything from funk cover bands, to an underground hip hop open mic lead by Toki Wright, to the Adam Meckler Orchestra, and left every show feeling enriched. Music RULES. Get out there! 

2 responses to “Shortest Post Ever

  1. Yes! Word!

  2. Awesome post! I agree completely! Thanks for the tip 🙂

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