Recording Sesh

Hey all,

It’s been a while! But it’s not because we haven’t been busy 🙂 We’ve been gigging and in the studio at Signaturetone in Minneapolis ( with fabulous sound tech, Adam Tucker. We’re busy working on our holiday album to be released in the Fall, 2013. The project is of course versatile, our usual M.O. (modus operandi, come ON!) including the usual quintet instrumentation, vocals from the boys, a string quartet, cajòn, flute, originals, favorite holiday tunes arranged, and so on. If you receive our monthly JNG newsletter, you got to preview one of our original tracks that’s packed with soul and sass. If you don’t receive our monthly newsletter- well, perhaps you should re-think that terrible decision. You can sign up on the main page of our website:

Doing the Business

Doing the Business

I’m so excited about this project. The true sound of the JNG is happening  after nearly 9 years of growth and discovery. The album features Adam Meckler, trumpet, flugel, voice; Evan Montgomery, guitar, voice; Brian Courage, bass; Matt Peterson, bass; Jake Nyberg, cajòn, voice; Zach Schmidt, drums; and Greg Schutte, drums. I sing and play the flute…but most importantly, the EGG SHAKER. Then there’s the string quartet, and oh! A gospel rendition of a carol (yet to be revealed) with Mike Vasich guesting on the piano! Oh man, this project has been a delight. Look for it soon, and for those of you who aren’t on the email list, I’m feeling kind, and will still allow you to sign up.

Gigs and tours coming up! Check in often at:

Find us on Facebook here: The Jana Nyberg Group

As always, thank you for your support. We give you music, you give us love:)

Lots of love,

Jana Banana

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