This is about 5 people who came together to play some music. 6 years ago, 3 of them met at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI where they formed the Jana Nyberg trio, and they’ve been charming audiences ever since. This Summer they hit the road for their first extended tour, and they want you guys to be there at every turn. So they’ll be updating this blog with information about the tour, pics and vid from shows on the road, and detailed stories about the fights they’ll have while driving in the car for copious amounts of time.

Check out the Tour Dates page to see where we’ll be!


Jana Nyberg – Voice/Flute

Adam Meckler – Trumpet

Thomas Nordlund– Guitar

Derek Dreier – Drums

Matt Peterson – bass

2 responses to “About

  1. great pic of jana. are there any pics of ur drummer? i hear he is very good. and very good looking.

    with much respect and admiration,


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