It’s That Time Of Year…

…And I’m PUMPED!

Yes folks, I LOVE winter. I know, I’m a little nutty. But tell me, when can you appreciate that fuzzy blanket and hot cocoa more than after you’ve just come in from that winter air? Wait, these very scenes are described in the song MN Dream on our new Winter Song album! How crazy is THAT. If you’d like to hear all of these tunes live, the night to celebrate is soon and very soon- and you should make your reservation now. This album has been an h-e-double-hockey-sticks of a lot of work, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. We’ve created an album that we believe  can and will help you to love winter. That’s right, LOVE. Another mission was to ensure that many tracks could be spun any time of year, and I think we’ve accomplished that. Hope to see your smiling faces in the crowd at the Dakota (click the link to book your table now) on Saturday December 7th! The show is from 8-10:30p.

Winter Song Album Release Party

Winter Song Album Release Party

 We will play tunes from the album and all the JNG hits, from Comfortably Numb to Ring of Fire. OK, Adam just informed me we don’t play either of those songs, but you should come anyway.     And now signing off as I come to a gentle close of another 14 hour work day (teachers are overpaid and underworked) this is yours truly, Jana Nyberg, and I can’t WAIT to share this album with you live at the Dakota :)Until then! -Jana

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