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It’s That Time of Year

My students are going bonkers, and the teachers are too. Birds are chirping, everything is green again, and the smell of fresh cut lawn dances on the air. This is the time of year when I feel ready for a change of pace, aka A JNG TOUR!

We are so excited to be hitting the road soon, and we will  have our new album in hand! Do not be deterred by the title, “Winter Song,” as half of the album presents year-round-friendly tunes, including the highly requested original, “First Sip.” While on tour last summer, we promised you a recording of this tune, and we followed through. When you live in the midwest, winter songs are completely necessary for half of the year, but so are songs of hope, like “Aguas de Marco,” meaning “Waters of March”- suggesting a THAW. Yes. I am ready to schluff around gear for many gigs in a row to bring you this music.









The tour schedule is jam-packed with our favorite venues, and even a double-header! But don’t worry, we booked a day off to see our favorite DoCo people and  beaches. The band always squeezes in an annual visit to the drive-in movie theater as well, or as the locals affectionately refer to it, “the outdoor.” Oh, and of course we will pay a visit to our favorite mini-golf man, Bob at the Red Putter. Bob always sports rosy cheeks and a smile. One of the most pleasant fellas I’ve ever met.







Yes, it’s safe to say that summer is near, and the weather finally suggests so too. My dear Aunt Vickie will kindly be putting up this quintet of mostly boys (pray for her…and me)  for the duration of our tour. We are forever indebted, and will once again offer our house-painting and lawn care services to earn our keep. We can’t wait to see you soon in the warm summer breezes accompanied by the splashing soundtrack of Lake Michigan. Until then!



It’s That Time Of Year…

…And I’m PUMPED!

Yes folks, I LOVE winter. I know, I’m a little nutty. But tell me, when can you appreciate that fuzzy blanket and hot cocoa more than after you’ve just come in from that winter air? Wait, these very scenes are described in the song MN Dream on our new Winter Song album! How crazy is THAT. If you’d like to hear all of these tunes live, the night to celebrate is soon and very soon- and you should make your reservation now. This album has been an h-e-double-hockey-sticks of a lot of work, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. We’ve created an album that we believe  can and will help you to love winter. That’s right, LOVE. Another mission was to ensure that many tracks could be spun any time of year, and I think we’ve accomplished that. Hope to see your smiling faces in the crowd at the Dakota (click the link to book your table now) on Saturday December 7th! The show is from 8-10:30p.

Winter Song Album Release Party

Winter Song Album Release Party

 We will play tunes from the album and all the JNG hits, from Comfortably Numb to Ring of Fire. OK, Adam just informed me we don’t play either of those songs, but you should come anyway.     And now signing off as I come to a gentle close of another 14 hour work day (teachers are overpaid and underworked) this is yours truly, Jana Nyberg, and I can’t WAIT to share this album with you live at the Dakota :)Until then! -Jana

Need a Break From Politics?

If you’re like me, and I know I am, this election season has begun to wear on you. Need a break? The JNG will be on tour November 1st-4th, and hopefully coming to a town near you! Check out our calendar page right here on WordPress, or go to and click “calendar” to find out show details. 

The route? It’s sort of interesting, but the best we could do in order to book dates in each of the following towns: Lincoln, NE, Chicago, Il, St. Louis, MO, and Milwaukee, WI.

Grimy political commercials got you down? Tired of tossing and turning at night wondering when all of the hubbub can finally end? Well, technically it ends November 6th, but find early relief in the form of musical lov’in from the JNG November 1st, 2nd, 3rd AND 4th! 

See you sooooooon. Tell one, tell all.

Much love,

Jana Banana


Shortest Post Ever

For an entire week and counting, I have been able to attend live music every night, whether I am performing, or a member of the audience. It’s so much easier to be a teacher and a musician when school’s out 😉 I could get used to this! The Twin Cities have such a rich tapestry of music happening, you can never exhaust the scene. My advice to you: branch out of your comfort zone and go hear someone you haven’t yet. You will always find something you like about the performance if you keep an open mind and let the art speak for itself. This past week I have attended everything from funk cover bands, to an underground hip hop open mic lead by Toki Wright, to the Adam Meckler Orchestra, and left every show feeling enriched. Music RULES. Get out there! 


Jazz Recession: Twin Cities Chapter

Jazz musicians in America experience “the grind” daily. Allow me to elaborate. Our clubs have closed, are closing, or can’t afford to pay. If they can pay, a musician is lucky to make $30 on a weeknight, with the “added bonus” of food and drinks. Many musicians “play for fun,” accepting gigs for free. This makes it increasingly difficult for those of us making our living as musicians to ask a fair wage of a venue. Our clubs that once billed themselves as “jazz clubs” now host mostly other genres, or only national jazz acts. Singers, horn players… all a dime a dozen. So, why do we do what we do? Why don’t we just give up?

Because we love it. Continue reading

You Know What?

We’ve been composing a lot lately! There is bound to be another album much sooner than later. I know, we just can’t stop! This is what happens when you are surrounded by excellent music/musicians 24/7. I am spoiled. It’s true. Well, SOMEone had to come out and say it!

More after the jump! Continue reading

Adele and SURPRISE!!

Caught Adele at the Excel last night. Man can that girl sing! When you can make the Excel sound good, you must be do’in somethin’ right. Don’t get my wrong, I would’ve much rather caught her show at First Ave. where I was originally supposed to, but she killed it and made the space work for what she does.

Now for the surprise: More than half way through the show, Adele proceeds to talk in her delightfully Northern English accent about how the tune she’s about to sing makes her, laugh, cry, smile, and is just downright beautiful. What does she break into? “I Can’t Make You Love Me!” For those of you who don’t know, we just released our version of this Bonnie Raitt classic on our newest album, “Fever!” Impeccable timing? Kindred spirits? Who knows, but Adele and I both agree it’s time to bring this painfully gorgeous song back. Adele presented a very classic, soul-filled rendition. Our version has a new spin on it, and radio stations have been spinning it quite often! I know you’ll dig what Jake Nyberg came up with on drums (my bro =) which gives it a feel uniquely our own- a drum and bass drum track kind of thing. See what you think- pick up the new album via itunes, CD Baby, or any number of your other favorite music purchasing vehicles! Then, get at me. Feedback, people! To conclude, do catch Adele in concert, she is accessible and downright amazing. Oh, and Bonnie Raitt, she’s not too shabby live either 😉

That is all, my friends. Love, Jana Banana

P.S. Composing today- look for new music soon! Which will be newer than the newest stuff, which will then not be…the newest…since…there’s…newer newer music. …Yeah.

Adele at Excel

Writ’in and Releasing!

Man, it’s fun to write for this group, and fun to release new music!

Adam and I have been co-writing songs lately, and one in particular that is on the new album, “Baby Girl’s Life,” is being received wildly well. That’s such a satisfying feeling, and then even more fun to perform. Door County audiences gave warmer receptions than we could’ve dreamed of at our Door County CD Release concert August 11th in Sturgeon Bay, with an audience 300-strong! Similarly loving crowds demanded encores and danced the night away at three other Door County shows this past weekend. 4 hits in 3 days takes a toll on you, but it’s all worth it.

1st CD Release of "Fever"

Looking forward, our Mpls. CD Release is this weekend, and we couldn’t be more pumped! With American Idol postponing the release of this project for a year, it’s finally getting out to you!!! Saturday, August 20th, at Hell’s Kitchen, 6-9p, is when we will excitedly present you with this new project. We love performing in Hell, and will have two special guest appearing with us- Twin Cities’ own Cory Grossman on cello, and Matt Ecklund, emcee.

Further, we’ve gotten a lot of press lately! 106.9 FM the Lodge (Door County, WI) dedicated their entire “Lodge Local” slot to our group, complete with co-hosting the show and spinning 5 tunes from the new album. Thanks, Lodge crew!

“Door County Now” paper ran this extensive article on Aug. 11th:

Peninsula Pulse ran this the next day, Aug. 12th:

A CD Release link:

And Adam and I will be on Jazz 88 (88.5 fm KBEM Twin Cities) this Thursday night 8/18 at 7pm CST.

Also! Saturday morning, 8/20, the day of the CD Release at Hell’s Kitchen, I’ll be in studio with Larry Englund “Rhythm and Grooves” KFAI 90.3 and 106.7 FM Twin Cities. Thanks in advance, Larry!
And so we say, THANK YOU Twin Cities and Door County, for being oh-so-good to us in the JNG family!

We’re incredibly excited, literally bursting at the seams, to bring you this fresh music, and hope you can join us at the CD Release concert, and other shows coming up. Check in with us often at:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Here’s to fresh art! Keep it real, JNG peeps.

Much Love, Jana Banana

WI CD Release!

Hey everyone!

It’s been such a great summer so far! We just completed a mini Midwest tour and survived the heat with 6 outdoor shows in 6 days, including that epic heat wave in Illinois. (A double-header that day, 80 dew point and about  100° out!) It was fabulous to see many of you on the road. Now, we are gearing up for two CD releases. Our fan base in WI has been solid as a rock since the beginning, so we decided to hold a WI CD Release party even BEFORE our Mpls one. I know, you are just that special to us.

The concert will be held at the Martin Park Band Shell in Sturgeon Bay, Door County, WI. (See info card image with post.) If you haven’t been here before, this stage is brand new and BEAUTIFUL. Great sound, and a fabulous community to perform in.

Martin Park Band Shell, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Thursday, August 11th, 7-9p FREE!

If you’ll be in the area, we’d love to celebrate this  momentous occasion of our second full-length album, “Fever,” with you! As always, thanks for your support, you’re amazing people.

See you on the road!

Much love,

The Jana Nyberg Group

And so it begins…

Summer touring!

Yay. I seriously love hitt’in the road and meeting all kinds of fabulous people, not to mention playing our arses off. It is going to be sooooo fun to promote the new album, Fever! And it all starts tomorrow, July 19th. We play in Ephraim, WI (Door County) at the Fyr  Ball Festival (yes, Norwegian for “Fire,” but insert jokes here)  at noon at the gazebo across from Lake Michigan. Yes folks, Lake Michigan is our backdrop. Not too shabby, eh?

We have a soft spot in our hearts for Door County, as it is where our group took form 6 summers ago. We used to spend all summer up here, about 3 summers in a row, playing 4 regular gigs a week. And now, we always return with big smiles on our faces =) If it rains, we shall still play, but probably around 1p in the Village Hall just north of the gazebo- sure to be a classy time. I. LOVE. VILLAGE. HALLS. Seriously. Don’t know what it is. some kind of history, or charm, or SOMEthing. So, if you’re in the area, please stop by! We’d love to see you. And once again, thanks for helping us realize our “Fever” album dreams by making our Kickstarter funding SUCCESSFUL!

Please check our calendar link to see when we’ll be in a city near you, because it’s summer, and we be on the road babay!

Love, Jana Banana