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Recording Sesh

Hey all,

It’s been a while! But it’s not because we haven’t been busy 🙂 We’ve been gigging and in the studio at Signaturetone in Minneapolis ( with fabulous sound tech, Adam Tucker. We’re busy working on our holiday album to be released in the Fall, 2013. The project is of course versatile, our usual M.O. (modus operandi, come ON!) including the usual quintet instrumentation, vocals from the boys, a string quartet, cajòn, flute, originals, favorite holiday tunes arranged, and so on. If you receive our monthly JNG newsletter, you got to preview one of our original tracks that’s packed with soul and sass. If you don’t receive our monthly newsletter- well, perhaps you should re-think that terrible decision. You can sign up on the main page of our website:

Doing the Business

Doing the Business

I’m so excited about this project. The true sound of the JNG is happening  after nearly 9 years of growth and discovery. The album features Adam Meckler, trumpet, flugel, voice; Evan Montgomery, guitar, voice; Brian Courage, bass; Matt Peterson, bass; Jake Nyberg, cajòn, voice; Zach Schmidt, drums; and Greg Schutte, drums. I sing and play the flute…but most importantly, the EGG SHAKER. Then there’s the string quartet, and oh! A gospel rendition of a carol (yet to be revealed) with Mike Vasich guesting on the piano! Oh man, this project has been a delight. Look for it soon, and for those of you who aren’t on the email list, I’m feeling kind, and will still allow you to sign up.

Gigs and tours coming up! Check in often at:

Find us on Facebook here: The Jana Nyberg Group

As always, thank you for your support. We give you music, you give us love:)

Lots of love,

Jana Banana

Midwest Tour Reflection

Hey all,

The JNG returned from a Midwest tour last month, during which we made debut appearances in NE and MO, and revisited IA and WI. We had a blast. The band consisted of the ever-dependable staple members, Adam Meckler and Evan Montgomery, and newbees Andrew Foreman (bass) and Zach Schmidt (drums). We set out in a rented, B-E-A-Uuuutiful, pimped out Chrysler Town and Country 2012. (Many thanks to Lois Elrod for helping us find the best deal on this amazing tour vehicle!) Continue reading


Hey everyone, it’s been a while!
The JNG has some fun momentum right now as we are about to hit the studios again to lay down our “Winter Songs” album, to be released Fall 2012. We’re excited to record a bunch of originals and holiday favorites at Signature Tone Recording. For more info about Signature Tone, click here. These guys really know what’s up in the biz.
Never fear, you’ll want to keep some of the tunes on your playlist year-round, as the subject matter stretches far beyond Frosty the Snowman and mistletoe 😉

Following, we plan to do a concept album. The concept shall remain a surprise, but needless to say, all good, cool and exhilarating things happening.

Speaking of which, we are hitting the road for a solid week this April, so check our calendar to see when we’ll be near you! Our calendar

We love touring, and interacting with the fans. Your vibrancy is what fuels us on the road (no pun intended) so be sure to catch a show!

I recently had the privilege of recording with Gigamesh for a new tune that’s sure to be a hit. How do I know this? Because it’s been stuck in my head ever since. Man did I have fun working in a new genre! The song is definitely very Euro-Techno-Pop. Once it’s released, I’ll be sure to let you all know. In the meantime, check out what Gigamesh is up to here.   Gigamesh is a masterful producer, DJ, and all around cool dude. He’s on the road the rest of the month playing to sold out clubs in NY and the like!

In other news, we’ve been composing fresh material in anticipation of our up-coming studio time, which is always fun, challenging, and rewarding. Can’t wait to share it all with you! SEE YOU ON THE ROAD! Stay in touch with me on Twitter! @JanaNyberg

And “like” us on Facebook here!

-Jana Banana, signing out


The New Album and Kickstarter Campaign!

The new album is coming...brace yourselves

Hello faithful followers of the JNG,

My apologies for not posting in so long- it’s been a nutty finish of a school year for me! But the last day of teaching was yesterday, so, I’m BACK!

We are just wrapping up our Kickstarter fund-raising campaign efforts for the new album, “Fever,” set to release in August, and we haven’t yet reached our goal of $4,000,  but WE’RE CLOSE! We’re at $2,846, so about $1,000 left to raise. If we do not reach the goal, no funds will be processed or received. It’s all or noth’in, folks! If you want donate, there are super fun packages to purchase with crazy perks, and if you just want to pre-order the album, that totally helps too! Just go to:

THERE ARE ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT! We can do this, people! As always, thank you for your support, you are the best fans on the planet, AND in the universe.

We are so excited about this new album, and think you’ll love the new music. We have some Midwest summer touring coming up to promote “Fever”- check the website calendar to see when we’ll be near you!

We’re excited about all of this momentum, and can’t wait to see you on the road!

Thanks for everything, you fabulous, fabulous fans. See you on the flip, Jana Banana =0)

Honey Lovers and Galleries

Wow. You’re such AWESOME fans! Honey was a super-charged energy surge powerhouse tour kick-off. Don’t know how it could be topped!  THANK YOU ALL.

Early this morning, Evan, Shadow and I road-tripped it to Door County (and by Evan and I, I mean he slept and I drove the whole way as he did laundry all night last night, resulting in NO sleep.) Adam drove solo to Chicago to play a gig at the Beat Kitchen tonight with Fat Book- a reDONK 2-time downbeat winning band you must check out if you haven’t already. (

Evan and I arrived with a few moments to spare before we went and splashed color and sound around at Gallery 42 in Sturgeon Bay. The art and music jams are always fascinating to me- the resulting images and sounds ranging from avante garde, to lyrical and poetic. Yes, images can be poetic, as can music. So there.

Tomorrow, we play one of our favorite spots, with Adam joining Evan, Derek and me at Gordon Lodge- we play from 4-7p on the patio, gazing upon Lake Michigan. Life is rough. Happy 4th, everyone! More to come… -Jana Banana

Hitt'in the Road

Gallery 42 Art and Music Jam

Art and Music Jamm'in

Many have requested a photo of our hot drummer- here he is!

Honey Time!

Tomorrow night marks the momentous occasion of the start of the beginning of the send off of the launch of The Jana Nyberg Group Midwest Tour! 8-10:30p at the hip, low light Honey Lounge in Northeast, we will embark on an epic journey, that begins amidst sticky honey comb. Join us, we don’t ask you for a cover, we just ask that you give us your hearts, souls, and minds, for 2 and a 1/2 hours. Asking too much? I think not. Be there. -Jana Banana

Soon it begins

Check back for posts about the tour. We hit the road July 3rd. We’ll have pics, vids, and recordings of music from our tour so you can be with us every step of the way. Until then, pass the time by reading one of these other blogs, written by some of my favortite bands.

~Jana Banana